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Penlab Create Bonuses

Penlab Create Bonuses are an initiative to provide incentives to the most active comics creators in our community. Just upload a comic with our new Creator Dashboard and stand to win from a pool of ₱20,000!


Contest Period:  March 27, 2023 - April 30, 2023

Contest Mechanics

Creators who fulfill the following criteria are eligible to receive a share in the prize pool: 

✔ Publish at least 1 NEW episode during the campaign period.
✔ Both new and existing stories are eligible, except Penlab Originals.
✔ No page requirement.
✔ Published episodes must not be deleted or hidden until the bonus calculation is completed
✔ Creators must follow the content guidelines

Prizes and Bonuses

₱ 20,000

Prize Pool

₱ 3000

Most New Followers

₱ 1500

Penlab Plus Choice

₱ 500

Most Comments

**Creators who fulfill the above criteria will receive an average bonus from the prize pool amounting to ₱20,000 calculated by the percentage of the amount of episode views during the campaign period.

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