Dominique Duran

Dominique Duran


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She/They. Based in Quezon City, Metro Manila.

Graduated BFA Visual Communication in the University of the Philippines, Diliman last 2018.

Currently working as the Art Director of Polychroma Games' Until Then and the Illustrator for Cat Aquino’s Champion of the Rose.

She is a regular creator in the Philippine comic scene, having been nominated twice in Komiket in 2017 for Best Art for “Heart on Your Sleeve” and Best Student Komiks for both “Heart on Your Sleeve” and the Homebound comic anthology; illustrating for Ethan Chua and Scott Chua’s Doorkeeper, a comic anthology published by Summit Media Publishing, and creating “Thicker Than Water," one of the Top 10 entries of Manila 2019-2050: City of the Future Comics Contest in 2019 under the Embassy of France to the Philippines and Micronesia.

Drinks a lot of coffee and is fond of small invertebrates.