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The Jalto Shrept Universe...comprised of 165 galaxies and ruled almost exclusively by the United Empires Government (UEG). It is an era of relative peace...but in the distance, old threats arise...
Yunna used to be one of the best child mecha pilots in the universe, but then the UEG replaced her with a faster android pilot. Her future was bleak until she received a letter from Sasa Rai Desperado, a powerful warrior goddess living on the edge of the universe on planet Arlan, inviting her to join the Battle Girlz. But no sooner has Yunna set foot on Arlan then she and her reception party are ambushed by Crolack Jr., a longtime enemy of the goddess. Little does the young mech pilot realize what she's in for. It's the edge of the universe out on Arlan, and enemy alien attacks are all too common here!

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