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"Grape" is a gripping tale of survival, transformation, and the consequences of consuming power, set against a post-apocalyptic world where the line between hunger and destruction blurs. With cartoon-style artwork, this comic book takes readers on an epic, action-packed, and peculiar journey that will leave them hungry for more.

After an intense cosmic radiation wiped out the population and turned Earth arid, only plant life survived—but not without a cost. As mutation caused by cosmic rays turned them into anthropomorphic yet extremely toxic creatures, rocks and soil have become their only sustenance as they couldn't even prey upon themselves for survival. Having consumed just barely palatable resources since then, these creatures are now in dire hunger for a sumptuous feast. And the persistent whispers of a knife that can purify and restore them to their original form have only ever heightened their hunger. Will this finally be the key to satisfying their craving?

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Mild Cartoon Violence

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