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Kamote Epiko



This is the epic of Kamote.

In the old days of Maylupa, gods created disasters to build and expand their kingdoms. The Taong-Lupa, as their subjects were called, lived their way of life around these disasters, offering the gods praise and their harvests to appease their tempers.

A wandering farmer, known as the "Makisig na Magsasaka," arrives in Buglas as Haring Laon, the reigning Bathala, punishes his subjects with the biggest volcanic eruption of the times. Riding his trusty kalabaw, Makisig climbs Laon's volcano and snatches from the god a piece of steaming hot kamote.

Makisig raises this kamote as a mortal, with the child unaware that he is the demigod offspring of Kanlaon with Dayang Talisay, the princess of the fallen kingdom of Buglas.

As another eruption draws near, possibly one that could push the Taong-Lupa from all kingdoms of Maylupa to extinction, Makisig trains his adopted son Kamote to be the ultimate slayer of the gods.

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