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Land of the Gods



"The powerful Empire of Vimmer is ruled by beings called the Veasts, who possess a god-like ability to manipulate matter at their will. Divided into four clans, each one manipulate a specific matter, the Ists manipulates air, the Ckers, the water, the Ileins, the Earth, and the ruling clan of them all, Eadei, manipulates fire, and so the common man refer the place as the Land of The Gods.

The present Emperor Kio of Eadei-- chose to be a grandfather over being an emperor and saved his only grandson, and also his last heir, Blaize of Eadei that bears a curse that followed their bloodline for ages, which can turn the child into a mindless killing daemon.

And now 15 years later-- Blaize possess extraordinary power from the curse but is slowly losing his sanity. As his grandfather struggles to find a cure, Blaize struggles to find meaning through the suffering from the curse and existence itself. Will he be able to find the will to fight the curse and transcend it? Or will he lose his grip on himself and be a complete channel of chaos and destroy the known world?"

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