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One Day


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Episode NaN

One Day



Dyaus is your typical highschool student. He will study if they have upcoming tests, he’ll go to a computer shop if his friends and classmates invite him, he’ll sometimes excel in his class, and sometimes the teachers will find him annoying and naughty in class. Just the average student.
But one day, this typical life of his will turn upside down when a transfer student called Amadeus appeared out of nowhere. a new classmate keeps staring at Dyaus. He doesn't even have an attempt to talk to Dyaus, he's just sitting or standing at the distance, making Dyaus' whole existence uncomfortable. Dyaus has this strong feeling that this new student in their class is stalking him.

(This is on-going and will update once a month, I guess?)

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Implied Body Horror

Strong Language

Animal Death

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