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Summer of 1999


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Summer of 1999



Summer of 1999 is a romance series that spans between two generations: Rae, from the 1990s, and Dylan, from the year 2010s. It portrays the different phases a twin flame journey goes into: meeting in the higher realm (in spiritual form), meeting in the 3D realm, switching of runner and chaser roles, and finally, surrendering to the connection. It is a journey that started from a single wish on the angel number, 11:11. Year 1999. Rae Magdangal is a 13 year old student living with her mother and brother in a simple town in Batangas. She is the embodiment of a perfect daughter with idealistic views on love. Her values are mainly associated with emotional and spiritual connection with her family and friends—namely Wanda and Sarah, who both supported her throughout her twinflame journey. Her wish is to see her ultimate soulmate in her dream that led her to meeting someone unexpected.
Fast forward to the future, Dylan Young is a 20 year old IT student in Manila. Independence, efficiency, and productivity are the main words in his dictionary. Only one person, Walter Manalo, pushed him out of his box and even explore the concept of love. Dylan, however, rejects the idea as love could not be measured or quantified. Not until a summer midnight, Dylan and Walter snuck into the retreat house’s old computer library and installed a program to connect to the internet. Not knowing it was the lovebug virus, the boys caused a major blackout in Batangas not only in 2019 but also in the year 1999.
Since then, Dylan and Rae started experiencing dreams and synchronicities about each other and eventually affect each other’s timelines.

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