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Unexpected Taste of Revenge


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Unexpected Taste of Revenge



Phara was a young girl who lived in a rural, countryside area of a developing country. Although her lifestyle wasn’t considered lavish, she, as an innocent child, believed that she had everything she ever desired. However, fate had its cruel side towards her life which caused it to turn upside-down. Even an unintended mistake can cause incidents and break relationships of great connection. Phara’s one and only sibling, Sean, formed an immense amount of hatred towards her due to the incident, causing her life to take a turn for the worse. Phara, getting tired from the treatment, pitifully hanged herself, thinking that she will finally be able to achieve freedom. But the heavens had other plans for her, by returning Phara back from the past. Finding out from this occurrence, Phara vowed herself to not live like an outcast anymore. How will she be able to achieve this goal of hers?

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Trigger Warning: Self Harm

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